Where does the wool come from?


Where is the fabric made?

In New England

Where do we ship from?

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

How long does it take to ship an order?

24-48 hours

Are there any minimums?


Do you accept credit cards?


Why are the Grabie Wool products so special?

Because they are made from 100% Australian Merino Worsted Wool, with immediate availability, and an extensive range of colors, and patterns.

Quantity and availability?

Fully stocked on all colors and patterns.

How long are styles available?

Styles are continuously available for reorder.

What is the quality of Grabie Wool?

64/70's quality, 100% Australian Merino Worsted Wool.

What kind of yarn is used in making fabric?

2/40's and 2/50's Australian Merino Worsted Wool.

What is the quality control?

Every yard is examined thoroughly

Do I have to pay for swatches?

All swatches are free

Does Grabie Wool ship internationally?